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ShuFont - The Best WordPress Plugin to Add Fonts

Typography is the foundation stone of your website

Font is one of the things that matter the most when it comes to building a website. A website with eye relaxing, clear, easy to read and comfortable font is a site that even a user that came accidentally will stay!


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"How Will It Benefit Me" You Ask?

See for yourself!

More traffic to your website as the content will be much more eye catching
Control over one of the biggest aspects of web design
Creates more readable content
Making Your site More beatufitull and exceptional

Any Font

Choose from hundreds of Google Fonts or uplaod any other font you want- All of this without leaving your site! We even brought you all Google Fonts with a preview option.

No Programing Knowledge Required

Don't know how to program? Don't worry, you will be given different possibilities to apply your font into your site. We even set you a fonts list in the Text Editor.

The Sky is the Limit

With ShuFont you'll be able to upload as many fonts as you like. You'll be given the options to add, edit, delete and apply the font to any text!

How To Use It

Our user friendly instruction on how to use the plugin will help you understand how to manage your fonts easily with "ShuFont". The tutorial is full of screenshots and very informative.

Try For Free

The free version for this plugin is available to you in WordPress.Org plugins repository. If you don't need more than 2 fonts and your have a little knowledge in CSS, it might suits you for now.

ShuFont - The Best WordPress Plugin to Add Fonts

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